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We are a full-service pool repair, resurfacing, sandblasting, tile and stonework company-based in Orlando, servicing all Central and South Florida. We specialize in plastering, resurfacing and high-performance surface coatings for pools and other surfaces.

Luxury with high-end affordable surfaces for Fiberglass and Concrete Pools

Surface Pro Florida provides high performance regular and non-skid surface coatings for pools and other surfaces.

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Pool Surfacing / Re-Surfacing

Pools have a final layer known as plaster, which gives them their final appearance and feel. Whether you prefer a sleek white surface, a Quartz finish, or an exposed Pebble Finish, we have the expertise and proficiency to tailor your pool finish to your specifications... 
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As an authorized installer of EcoFinish products, we offer regular and non-skid high performance pool coatings. As well as being visually appealing and fashionable, this aquatic coating has high tensile adhesion, which makes it resistant to chipping and peeling. Learn more at: It also resists UV rays, chemicals, and requires less maintenance than other coatings.EcoFinish

Tile and Stonework

Transform your pool oasis into a breathtaking escape with BP Stone And Tile. Our expert craftsmen specialize in creating stunning pool stonework, boulder steps, waterfalls, and paver decking that will leave you speechless. Whether you're a homeowner looking to enhance your backyard or a contractor seeking top-quality workmanship for your clients, trust us to deliver exceptional results every time. With our extensive range of pool tile options and unparalleled attention to detail, we guarantee to exceed all expectations.

Dustless Sandblasting

With Blast Pro Florida, your swimming pool surface will never be messy or inefficient again! Our state-of-the-art equipment eliminates old paint coatings without leaving a trail of harmful dust behind. You can count on us to deliver superior results every time, whether you're a homeowner, construction company or pool owner. Contact us today to discover the power of dust-free blasting!

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full-service pool repair, resurfacing, sandblasting, tile and stonework company-based in Orlando, servicing all Central and South Florida. Learn more here

Blast Pro Florida

Dustless surface preparation for pools and other surfaces. See our Dustless Sandblasting services here

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